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Educate: Good to go
Column with information about natural medicine, creole herbs and their use.

O my goodness. Pain in your body? Pain is killing you? Your body is not well ? Tell me, what's your problem? Read this section and you'll be good to go. Here we teach you how to use natural products, without having to spend money and without having to use chemical things. It is very important to transfer the wisdom of our elders to the coming new generations. Take a look around your garden. See what trees, fruits, herbs or plants you have there. If you can't find anything there or in your neighbor's yard, walk in your neighborhood. Step into the forest (but beware for thorns) and you'll likely find a herb to help you. When you get back home, just follow our advice and we are sure you can immediately shout: Bye bye pains. I'm good to go!

This time, we will share with you information on the best herbs you can use for respiratory diseases and also on the best types of foods to boost your body's immune system.

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